Bloemfontein and Durban

Part 9 / 10 - heading away from the coast and volunteering with animals!


Czech This Out

As a new standard, you can find a map at the end of this post - I hope it helps you on your travels! Later this year, one of my childhood friends is partaking in the age-old tradition of marriage and to celebrate, my friends and I planned a trip to Prague. This is what... Continue Reading →

My First Couchsurfing Experience

Thursday 26th May 21:16 “Hello, hola y hallo! My name is Benji and I’d like to sleep on your sofa please…” The evening before the first of my final three exams at university, my friend Rob had shared with me a link to a blog titled “How Travelling Kills Ambition”. In the year before, Rob... Continue Reading →

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