Hanging Out In Honduras

At the beginning of January (2018), I took the informed decision to head into Honduras, although there was a bit of political issues going on.

I only went to the really cool, safe parts of this country. I was travelling mostly with an amazing Dutch lady called Yolanda, Belgium guy called Arthur and a Swede – who was more exciting than met the eye – called Joel.

Maybe because of the political issues, our first town in Honduras seemed like a ghost town (and even was without power when we arrived!). But this country offered amazing experiences, banana flavoured fizzy drinks and saw me having a lot of powdered chocolate milk.

Here are my five top moments from Honduras…

1. Copan Ruins; the macaw infested Paris of the Mayan sites

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The small town just over the Guatemalan-Honduran border was our first stop, this town is named after the spectacularly preserved ruins a small walk out of town.

These ruins were the most magnificent I am yet to see – so detailed and beautiful – and as you can see from the photos, they were also home to dozens of brightly coloured scarlet macaws.

This contrast of grey ancient ruins and the rainbow colour of these birds is something I’ll never forget.

2. Relaxing my muscles in jungle hot spas!

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A little out of the town of Copan Ruinas is a well-sized complex of natural hot pools sourced from the surrounding mountains.

I talked Yolanda into joining me at this fantastic site which had numerous pools of varying temperatures and even a few hot waterfalls!

It was a pleasant trip, only a few days after my volcano hike, so my legs were still sore!

3. Let’s go diving!

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The main reason I powered through and visited Hodnuras was because of the Bay Islands.

These islands on the Carribean coast are some of the cheapest places to learn to SCUBA dive. But also are on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef so you can witness astonishing scenes.

Having never SCUBA dived before, I sat through the entire day of training videos, completed my basic skills (like taking my mask off and clearing it, being deprived of oxygen, and sharing air) and got to go on a number of dives.

Sadly not many photos from under the water. But some great highlights include:

– Being emerged in a huge school of blue fish 12m down

– Seeing huge brain coral, probably a meter across

– Finding lots of boney lobsters and dozens of sea urchins

4. Tequila Tuesdays which could have been killer

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We finished our SCUBA course on a Tuesday, so that meant celebrating at Tequila Tuesdays. Basically having a few drinks, a few free shots of tequila and then dancing.

Usual night out shenanigans, but the next day we found out it could have been our doom.

While we were partying and dancing beside the Carribean Sea, an earthquake had been witnessed a few miles north of us and as such there was a high tsunami warning out!

We could have been washed away while taking our 10th tequila shot of the night!

Thankfully, we were safe.

The next night, our amazing SCUBA instructor Joel held a sarcastic tsunami survivors party.

5. The Food

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How can I talk about a country and not mention the food?

Honduran food is a mix of simple and delicious.

In Copan, we enjoyed hot, made to order pupusas – think a thick tortilla, with cheese, beans or meat inside. Comfort food but an every day, very cheap, occurrence in this country. And, to my delight, usually served with huge jars of pickled vegetables!

On Utila, we kept our strength up with lots of delicious deep-fried fish and chicken. As well as great Chinese food from the restaurant next door.

That’s Honduras!

Writing this blog has reminded me of all the amazing things I got up to so, of course, I’d recommend it!

Peace, BA.

Money Matters

Total Spent: £404.94

Total Nights: 8

Cost per Night: £50.62

Notes: This did include a SCUBA diving course, a few direct tourist buses because of the political situation.


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