The Holiday Season

Guess who’s fallen back on his blog writing again?

This guy.

When I last left you, I was describing my time in the Guatemalan jungle; an eco-hostel, swimming in natural pools and lots of trekking.

Following this, I finished my time in Guatemala and 2017 in Lake Atitlan and Antigua.

I was around Lake Atitlan for Christmas. The majority of my time was spent at Dreamboat Hostel in Panajachel, drinking beer, being hungover and having a time.

I was surrounded by good (new) friends, drinking beer in the Sun and chatting nonsense with Australians.

A particular highlight was on midnight of Christmas Eve / Day, where after a big Christmas meal between the staff, the guests, and selective locals, we rushed to the roof deck to watch loads of fireworks go off!

Guatemalans love their fireworks and at midday, 6pm and midnight of Christmas Eve they fire off their explosives – even during the day when you can’t see the explosion! The biggest display though is at midnight where the sky lights up with a different kind of Christmas cheer!

After Panajachel, I headed to Antigua. Sadly I fell a bit ill and ended up staying longer than I thought.

However, I powered through and on New Years Eve, I climbed ~2,000m in six hours up a dormant volcano called Acatenango.

This highlight of Antigua, a must-do on every traveller’s list, is because Acatenango has great views of it’s brother volcano Fuego.

Fuego means fire in Spanish and the name explains the violent, explosive behaviour of the volcano – it is one of the most active in the world.

After this gruelling hike through the cloud forest – think 45 degree incline for 5 hours, on volcanic ash which slides you back with every step you take – we made camp and enjoyed the view from our sleeping bags.

Dawn on New Years Day

In addition to these truly breathtaking views, at midnight I woke up to watch the numerous cities miles below me glisten with (what must be) tonnes of fireworks!

Completely worth it!

Next up, Honduras…

Peace, BA.

P.S. From now on, I’ll be switching up my format from blog per location as that would mean I’m 16 blogs behind! Instead, I’ll now be summarizing and recalling the highlights of each country.


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