A Note On NYE

This is a little different from most of my posts, it’s not travel related. 
It’s Tuesday 2nd January (shout out to 2018 for starting on a Monday) and through all the fireworks and night out photos which have surrounded us this past week, I’ve noticed something. 
The posts summarising this year have been mostly positive. They speak of how 2018 has a lot to compete with, or how 2017 was a great year. A lot of people have been focusing on the good that this past year has brought to their life and I just love that. 
Whereas if you look back, a lot of the posts concerning 2016 were negative. Sure a lot of famous people died (which I’m sure really impacted your life), a few unpredictable elections happened And a few other things happened, but last NYE people were quick to leave 2016 behind. 

Flash forward a year and there has been praise for the past year. 

I love it. 
The last thing I have to say is, I really wish this positivity and happiness lingered on for longer. 

Positivity can do a lot and, coming from a guy who thinks it can end wars, if people made themselves see the good in their life, the happiness, the joy, I bet those people would be a lot happier. 

Shit happens. Life sucks some times. But it’s your choice on how to react to that time. 

Worse things could and have happened so, in the overall scheme of things, maybe burning your toast this morning wasn’t cause to shout at a co-worker. Just, check the dial next time? 

All we can do is reflect on our pasts and try to improve ourselves for the next moment. 
Why not challenge yourself to be a bit better this year? To others, but also to yourself. 
Happy New Year everyone! 


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