Days 3 & 4: Spider bite, bags, town night and bonfire 

Two days to recap, so going to keep it short.

I got a spider bite. It was itchy. Still is. Nothing serious.

Day 3 was bag day. That means moving ~1,100 70L duffle bags across and around camp. Roughly two per camper and as we unpacked them on Day 4, I find out that each kid has at least 8 towels each, dozens of t-shirts, loads of trousers and shorts.

I swear I have never owned this many clothes. It’s ridiculous! We have a weekly laundry cycle so as someone who has 5 t-shirts with him, the comparison is ridiculous.

So the cabin has gone from this

To this

The food has been great. Waffles and fruit for breakfast. Nachos and tacos for lunch one day, then flatbread and salad for the next. We went to town on Day 3 in the afternoon/evening so I ate some fish and chips there.

This was our first time away from camp, so that means a chance to drink. We had a few pitchers of beer when we went for our meal but didn’t get drunk at all – I like the Canadian beer called Canadian! And I’m not a beer drinker.

As the classy young adults we are, all counsellors ended up drinking in a park.

The (yellow school) bus home was filled with drunken uni students and singsongs.
For the last evening kid-free, we had a bonfire with marshmallows. It was a great close to pre-camp.

The kids arrived the next day and everything has changed since.
Peace, BA x


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