Day 2: Rain, swim, drag 

My second day was definitely busier than the first.
To set the scene, just assume that it’s drizzling for most of this post – Canada summer hasn’t hit yet, and it can still get as low as 8 degrees at night. Thankfully I found a sleeping bag to keep me warm!
Day Two saw a few training meetings about my new job: how to deal with bullying and how to do CPR.

We also had a swim test. Basically swim a few lengths and show you can put a life jacket on in the water.

This was my first time in the lake and boy was it cold! But after two years of not swimming, it was cool and refreshing. And the lake is fresh water! 😁
The food here continues to impress me. For breakfast we had a huge selection of fruit and cereal (with milk in bags of course). Although this is a nut-free camp, there is this brown fake peanut butter which is a great alternative!

Lunch was sub rolls with Turkey ham or cheese. And again, a huge amount of salad, beans, lentils, pulses and fruit available. I love it.

For dinner we had Chinese food. Chicken balls, stir fry and spring rolls, all made on site. There was also salad available (Harvester is no competition) and there was even a jug of soy sauce!

For the evening programme, we had a lip sync battle and in true Benji fashion, a friend and I did A Whole New World from Aladdin…in role reversal. It was a great hit.

However, although we brought it, the presenter did a version of Green Light and jumped on top of a buggy cart and another guy did a rendition of Shia Lebeouf the musical. I was in tears.

Day Two was great! Here’s to a great summer!
Peace, BA.


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