Hello / Goodbye

Hello again!

Since we last spoke, which was at least two months ago, a few things have come and gone in my life:

  • I’ve handed in my notice
  • Enjoyed the final two months of my grad scheme
  • Received shining recommendations from my colleagues
  • I’ve met a wonderful guy and enjoyed every day we’ve spent together
  • Then broken up because I’m leaving this week
  • I have watched Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, both at midnight showings on a school night
  • I’ve bought ice-lollies as the temperature rises
  • Started to buy the last few bits for my travels (my pack list should be my next blog)
  • Visited new places and been on a few adventures
  • etc.

However, as I type, it is six days until my departure.


I left work last Friday. Since then, I have been seeing friends and family, catching up with those who are dear to me and filling my time with positive things.

My best friend has joint me from Manchester for these final few days, he and I are zig-zagging across the home counties to see as many of my friends as we can.

Hence the title of this blog, my time right now is filled with two simple but endearing words. Hello. Goodbye.


The time I spend with these people is bittersweet, as even in the boiling Sun which has hit England this June, this will be the last time that I see them for a while. For a period longer than I have gone before.


On the flip-side, these emotions are countered by my excitement and anxiety to get going.

I enjoy this limbo that I am in but I want to start my summer. I want to go and make memories next to a lake. I want to care for and encourage children to learn and challenge themselves. I want to meet other young people with similar interests. I want to celebrate Canada day!

I also want to swim, to run, to play baseball and to kayak! (Is that the correct verb? To kayak?)


My bag is packed.
My farewells are said.
My ticket has been purchased.
My visa cleared.


Goodbye England.
Hello Canada.


Peace, BA.


P.S. I had this in my head whilst writing this piece, anyone with me on that one?


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