Three Months Until Take-Off!

Today, Saturday 25th March, marks the three-month point until I fly to Canada!

This time, in three months, I’ll be sat on a plane at London Gatwick, waiting to take off and on to a bright and joyful summer!

Here’s a few things I’ll be doing before then…

  • Buy mosquito repellent (as I’ll be by a lake in summer. Not making that mistake again)
  • Go on the Stag Do
  • Go on the Hen Do – there’s benefits of being gay surprisingly
  • Get vaccines
  • Roughly plan what I’ll be doing in South Africa
  • Hand in my resignation letter
  • Plan leaving drinks
  • Sell clothes
  • Sell telly
  • Sell DVDs
  • Get visas
  • Sell everything that isn’t coming with me around the world
  • Move out of my flat
  • Move back to London
  • Go to my friends’ wedding
  • Pack my bag – [I’ll be doing a post about my packing list soon]

And that’s just the shortlist!

Peace, BA.


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