Nomadic Apples Origins: Fred the Minion

A few months before I scooted off to Mexico, a guy called Louis (whom I lived with) won a Minion at a fair. We called this minion Fred and Fred sat in our kitchen for several months, watching over our burnt pizzas and toxic fajita fumes.

When the time came to move out, my friend Louis forgot to take Fred and as I was the last person in the flat I asked Louis if I could take Fred with me to Mexico. Louis agreed.

Since that moment, Fred has been my travelling companion – escorting me to any foreign destination that my heart takes me.

We had fun in Mexico of course,

“We made it”

And in the US,

But since then, Fred has also seen

  • Amsterdam
  • Oslo
Cruising the Oslofjord
  • Berlin
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
  • Warsaw
Sigismund’s Column, Warsaw
  • And a lot of Italy, including the very impressive Coliseum
The Coliseum

and the giant lemons of Pompeii!

In Pompeii
  • And most recently, Copenhagen.
    Fred loved Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens – Fred enjoying a Glogg


Peace, BA.


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